Familien mit Kindern

Are you looking for a trip for the whole family? Come to us to the grounds of the Chateau Berchtold with magic Children` s Paradise. Here at Berchtold a pleasant walk, sightseeing, competitions and an opportunity of doing sports is awaiting for the whole family. And you` ll see that you will return to us for a whole week in summer.  Equipment and opportunities for children of the friendly hotel Berchtold and its grounds with the Children` s Paradise are ideal for weekend and holiday stays of families with children. Hotel Berchtold is really a children` s hotel with wide opportunities for children and the whole family. Sport, competitions, fun, lessons and professional babysitting or sports trainings in the Chateau kindergarten, Children` s Paradise or Sports Centre. The Hotel is ideal for trips to nature of the Lada` s Region and also to Prague. Here there are excursions of the Chateau Park with the miniatures of castles, hell, mini Zoo and fairy creatures. Everything starting with accommodation, restaurant with meals for children, playground, indoor playroom, relaxation to sports and fun in our grounds is made for children, their fun and safety. Come to us with children to use our grounds or we can look after your children and take you to a concert, theatre or romantic sightseeing of the city or a company event.

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